Armageddon XVIII


Armageddon 2019 Pre-Registration

Admission Pre-Registration is Closed
Wednesday arrival: $35 at the gate
Thursday arrival: $35 at the gate
Friday arrival: $30 at the gate
Saturday arrival: $25 at the gate
Day trip: $15 at the gate
Friday Feast: Included in pre-registration price

Saturday Feast Pre-Registration is Closed

Cabin Reservation: $500
Cabins are first-come first-served. with 7 cabins available. Each cabin has 16 beds and attached restroom facilities with showers.

Group Name

To verify that your pre-registration was received, check here. Please note that this is a manual update process and it may take up to 48 hours for your pre-registration to appear.
Final pre-registration list will be posted on 5/12/2019.